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At Aerogen Pharma we are creating the first generation of inhaled drugs specifically designed for use in acute and critical care settings.

Our Company 

Aerogen Pharma is at the forefront of developing the first generation of inhaled drugs specifically designed for critical care

Aerogen Pharma is an Irish specialty pharmaceutical company with operations in Galway, Ireland, and San Mateo, California.  We are the drug development arm of the Aerogen Group, the global market leader in high performance aerosol drug delivery.  With industry-leading expertise, a proven track record in the development of inhalation therapeutics, and a technology platform based on patented enhancements to the global #1 hospital nebuliser product range, we are inspired to create a new standard for aerosol drug delivery to the lungs.

Who we are 


non-invasive surfactant treatment for respiratory distress syndrome in preterm babies 

a long awaited advance


The AeroFactTM Difference

non-invasive surfactant administration

✔  Surfactant delivery without the need for laryngoscopy and intubation/cannulation

✔  Minimize risk of potential complications caused by current surfactant administration techniques

✔  No interruption in nCPAP or non-invasive ventilation during surfactant delivery

✔  No patient discomfort

Estimated distal lung delivery efficiency of > = 40% - a technical breakthrough.



breakthrough liquid aerosol technology

Our ground-breaking, patented nebulizer technology delivers drugs to the lung with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency.

About our technology 

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